Cutting Edge Computer Science Innovative Software, Automated Solutions and the Top Tech of Tomorrow

Computer science and technology is constantly evolving, transforming the way we think, work and communicate with others.
This continued advancement has led to widespread growth in computer engineering, programming, design and even consulting.
Learn about computer science today, the cutting edge tech of the next generation, and the college degrees and careers behind it all.

Smartphones. iPads. Dating apps. Computers and technology have become a fundamental part of modern life, whether talking about the workplace, education, research, government, business, or personal and social activities. From 2006 to 2011, the amount of digital data originated and shared throughout the world increased nine-fold. In 2015, that number quadrupled. These numbers represent the significant role of computer science and technology today and they’re continued importance for tomorrow.

Students who choose to study computer science have a wide range of options open to them, from developing creative features for social media platforms to building impressive parts for autonomous vehicles to designing remarkable 3D prints of artificial limbs. In this section, prospective computer science students can find information on the latest cutting edge technologies and the education and career opportunities that drive them.

Technology of Tomorrow

Today, technology is all around us and constantly evolving. What was brand new last month, or even last week, can easily be replaced by something more innovative tomorrow. Each guide below explores some of the most significant cutting edge technologies and discusses how a degree in computer science – or a closely related discipline – can lead to an exciting career in a groundbreaking field.

Computer Science & 3D Printing

From clothing to construction to medicine and even food, 3D printing is already shifting the way people design and produce products. Experts believe this innovative technology will continue to grow and improve. This guide explores how 3D printing has been used, where it’s expected to have continued impact, and how a CS degree can help technical and creative minds start a 3-dimensional career.


From Man to Machine: CS Degrees that Lead to Innovation in Automation & Artificial Intelligence

From auto-complete text features to Siri to self-driving cars, advances in automation and artificial intelligence are making their way into the mainstream. This guide explores how automation continues to change our every day lives and how artificial intelligence is already impacting our future. Explore these mysterious topics and find out how a degree in computer science can lead you to a career in these cutting edge fields.


Learning C#

C# is a powerful coding language for Windows desktop and web applications. It made its way into the development world in 2000 and is now one of the top must-learn coding languages for programmers. This guide explores the various ways to learn this object-oriented language, from coding games to computer science degrees, and also includes an extensive list of resources for new, novice, and advanced C# learners.


Learning Ruby on Rails

Designed to reduce repetition to create manageable and efficient code, Ruby on Rails is a must-know programming language for today’s backend developer. Those interested can get a basic overview of Ruby on Rails as well as find a comprehensive list of beginner and advanced resources on where and how to learn this object-oriented language in the following expert-written guide.


Python for Programmers

Whether you’re an aspiring developer or already working in the profession, Python is an ideal programming language to know. It’s an easy language to learn and it can also serve as the foundation for branching out into other languages. This guide explores the basics of Python and also offers several expert-selected resources – for beginners and the advanced – to get students started on becoming a successful Python programmer.


Spotlight on Java

Once a language only used by big banks and enterprise companies, Java is now one of the go-to coding languages for open source software, making it one of the most popular languages in use today. As the primary language for Android apps, it is a skill that just about any software developer must have in order to be successful in the field. Find out how you can start – or advance – your career as a Java developer in this expert-written guide.


Upgrade Your Tech Career

Silicon Valley is a hot spot for many who want to pursue a career in the technology industry. This Bay Area hub is home to high-tech giants as well as thousands of exciting startups, making it appealing even to those looking for non-tech jobs. The Valley, however, isn’t the only tech haven. This guide explores the Valley as well as emerging tech hubs across the US. Discover what it’s like to work in a tech hub, including how to land a job, and see what experts in the industry have to say about tech corporations and startups.


Tech Trends Through the Years


Today, most people are so accustomed to technology that it can be hard to see how drastically it impacts our everyday lives. The following timeline of CS-related advancements provides context for what has been created as well as what is expected come in the world of computer science and technology.

  • 1970

    Apple II computer

  • 1971


  • 1971

    Floppy Disk

  • 1981

    IBM PC Computer

  • 1985

    Mirosfot Windows

  • 1985


  • 1989

    The World Wide Web

  • 1990

    Learning Management System

  • 1991


  • 1991

    Newton PDA

  • 1993

    America Online

  • 1994


  • 1995

    Netscape Navigator

  • 1996

    Internet Explorer

  • 1997


  • 1998

    Yahoo! Messanger

  • 1998

    Google files for incorporation in California

  • 1999

    MSN Messanger

  • 1999

    Blackberry 850

  • 2001

    Wi – Fi

  • 2001

    First Apple iPod

  • 2004

    GPS for cell phones

  • 2004

    Invention of podcasts

  • 2004


  • 2005


  • 2006


  • 2006

    Video Conferencing

  • 2006


  • 2007


  • 2007


  • 2007

    The Cloud

  • 2007


  • 2009


  • 2010


  • 2010

    Integrated Leaning Environments

  • 2013

    Google glass

  • 2014

    First autonomous car becomes commercially available

  • 2015

    FDA approves first pill manufactured by 3D printing

Top Companies Contributing to CS and Tech

According to a report by Venture Capitalist, approximately 15 of the hundreds of tech startups formed each year will hit the $100 million mark in revenue. With venture capitalists funneling in more than $48 billion in tech startup initiatives during 2014, computer science and technology is a magnetic industry for growth and expansion. Many established tech companies have paved the way for startups to flourish in hubs such as San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. Below is a look at some of the most influential and established enterprises and how they have each shaped technology and the computer science world.


Ever heard of the cloud? That came from Amazon. What started as an online book retailer has grown into one of the most transformative tech companies in history. In 2014 alone, the cloud was valued as a $100 billion business, not to mention the ever-growing platform for purchasing goods.


You can’t talk about influential tech companies without bringing up Steve Jobs and Apple. Ranging from their first personal computer to the latest iWatch, Apple has revolutionized the tech sphere and has a market share of over 70 percent.


Since 2004, Facebook has been helping people connect with others and share their lives. What started as a platform strictly for college students at limited universities has grown into an international social media platform, with subsidiaries including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus VR.


What started out in a garage as a search engine has grown into a multi-billion dollar company providing the world with free and immediate access to data and information. Additionally, Google’s AdWords allowed individuals to make money via the web, while their cloud software and apps are altering how people work and collaborate.


No list would be complete without a nod to Bill Gates’s brainchild Microsoft. Starting out with MS-DOS transforming the PC, the company then launched Windows. Today, Microsoft dominates IBM PC-compatible operating systems and office software, thanks to Microsoft Office. Other products include Xbox, tablet computers, Bing, and MSN.


What started as a company focused on DVD rental has grown into a transformative media platform that has gotten the world to think differently about how individuals watch television and movies and questioned the need for live programming. The use of cloud technology has made it possible to stream wide-ranging entertainment, while partnerships with networks and studios have given users access to a variety of content. Many other companies have followed suit, providing streaming services to users across the globe.


As the world’s largest seller of consumer electronics, billions of users have come to trust the company’s smart phones, computers, tablets, televisions, and wearable technology. As one of the main competitors of Apple, Samsung’s Android technology commands a significant share of the market.


Aside from being one of the co-founders of PayPal, Elon Musk and his team of technologists are changing the way people think about automobiles. With a mix of design and smart technology, Tesla’s electric cars are on the forefront of combining technology and software with transportation.


Though in existence for less than a decade, Twitter’s 140-character approach to communication has garnered more than 500 million users who rely on the platform for daily information, communication, and entertainment.


Although Uber is the newest tech company on this list, its impact on society and tech development has already been significant. Bringing together sleek design, instant payment, location services, and innovative technology, Uber has revolutionized the way people get from point A to B in just over six years.

10 Cities with the Most Tech Career Opportunities

In 2014 alone, the top 10 highest grossing Silicon Valley tech firms had net profits of $104.5 billion, making the Bay Area the hottest location for tech start-ups and established companies. A recent report found two main common factors among the most successful tech cities: The first is location and the second factor is education.

According to Forbes, computer science graduates can find the greatest job opportunities in these US cities: