Are You Cut Out for a Computer Science Career?

Are you a gadget junkie? Have ideas for the next big app or computer program? Then a career in computer science may be right for you. Successful computer science professionals tend to have several core skills and traits in common. Take this quiz and see how you compare.

  • 1. Do you have an aptitude for working with numbers and for using logic to solve complex problems?
  • 2. Are you highly organized and detail-oriented?
  • 3. Are you a patient person?
  • 4. Can you effectively handle multiple tasks at once?
  • 5. Do you enjoy working as part of a team to solve problems and also working on your own to complete projects or parts of projects?
  • 6. Are you a creative problem solver?
  • 7. Do you enjoy change and learning new things?
  • 8. Are you a strong oral and written communicator?
  • 9. Are you a self-motivated person?
  • 10. Are you passionate about technology?
  • It looks like a career in computer science may not be a great fit. However, you may possess the various attributes necessary to succeed in other technology-related careers.

    It looks like you possess some of the skills, traits and interests shared by today's most successful computer science professionals. However, you may need to develop certain areas during your education or training to maximize your effectiveness in the workplace.

    It looks like you have many of the attributes found in today's top computer science professionals. A formal degree program can help you hone those skills and launch a lucrative career.